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So what's How It Felt all about anyway huh?!

How It Felt provides supervised and interactive Puppet Building, drama and film making Workshops. With an emphasis on Mental Health and emotional well being. 


Oooh right tell me more?!

To provide puppet & film workshops service in a creative and fun way which can also reduce mental health stigma and have give our participants a voice through the art of puppetry, drama, and film making.

So what happens at your workshops?

At the workshops children, adolescents. adults, and staff can make puppets of themselves (or a character they want) and learn to operate and puppeteer through them. This involves drama, team building exercises, empathy, communication, expression, and their relationships with others and themselves activities. How to use these tools to breaking down barriers surrounding the stigma of mental health and helping the individual with their own personal issues or anything they wish. Other options can include creating a short scene/film about an issue that is important to them. Were also happy to adapt the theme's of our workshops to the organizations and group we work with. 


Ah right so what do the clients get out of this?

At the end of the workshop the participants can keep their puppets and if made copies of films they have worked on. The final product is finished puppets and a finished film, created by the participants. Our hope is that the experience can be educational and fun with the clients going away with a new found sense of creative and emotional confidence. Allowing themselves to express themselves in a safe space and to understand themselves and others better with added fun!

Who is your service for?

We offer a service and a product for everyone of all ages! But this can allow people with social and emotional challenges a way to express their needs and feelings in a creative and fun way that helps reduce stigma and can help them integrate better into their communities by giving them a voice.

We are also adaptable and can cater to the needs of our clients such as age group, abilities and health and safety. The format of the workshops can be flexible as one off's, lunch time clubs/after school session, half days, and can be an Interdisciplinary Lesson Plan for sessions as a six week block are available as an option or as many sessions as preferred. We can also offer our services to additional support needs groups within the school  or organizations and these can be one to one sessions or we can provide private sessions within a venue or at home. We are community based and mostly work with support groups, health care workers and organizations, charities, schools, community centers. But we are happy to work with anyone and everyone who wants to be creative and likes puppets.

Who's behind all of this?!



(Photo taken by Y Photography)

“How It Felt" is a Dundee (Scotland) based social enterprise service run by Director Deborah Chapman. A Duncan of Jordanstone Graduate and where the project began as a short film puppet project based on the public expressing themselves and their families affected by ADHD in “How do you see ADHD?”

Deborah’s main education is in the arts but she also has experience in her professional and personal life which has driven her passion surrounding mental health issues. Over the last Five years she has taken training courses in Mental Health First Aid and other classes relating to various mental health conditions and care. Through the art of puppetry she has facilitated workshops relating to these themes with her fuzzy friend 'Little Debz'.


Together they have provided creative workshops and events, sensory storytelling, collaborated with others, made films, educated, and given talks on the arts, mental health, business, and the power of connection through the arts and what it means to be 'human'. They continue to provide this art form by giving support and a voice to all ages.

During all this we have created over 400 puppets in our workshops over the last 6 years. 


Phew! Thank you I would be interested in your services!

Aw sounds great! If you'd like to get in touch you can contact us at



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Thank you friend well be in touch soon :)

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