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Art and craft Workshops

Our Art workshops can include learning about classical and contemporary Art, Artists, and Art movements. The subjects can also be broad and have input from the groups if theirs's any subjects they would like to learn and try. Such as mark making, drawing, painting, model making, sculpture, stop motion, comic books, Film etc. The workshops will usually involve using a sketchbook and be half learning and discussion and activity based. The subjects and topics can also be participant led and their welcome to pick the themes based on their interests and themes of their organizations.

If craft based the activity will usually be more straight forward and can be one off with art packs can be provided and dropped off/posted if needed.


During these workshops participants will learn a variety of skills and techniques but also we take into consideration abilities, confidence, social interaction, well-being and catering to everyone’s levels and needs.

The classes can even result in a finished art pieces that can be displayed in an exhibition or even film premiere. 


These workshops are usually for ages 6 and upwards including just for adults if preferred and can cover a range of topics.

These workshops can be one off sessions of about an1 hour or a series of sessions with different topics.

Our workshops can be in person or online due to preference or Covid.

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