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Have a look at some of our adventures


Our group workshops can cater to children, adolescents, adults and staff that can make puppets of themselves (or a character they want) and learn to operate and puppeteer through them. This will be done step by step with guidance and supervision by Big Debz (& Little Debz) and our volunteers depending on the group sizes. This involves drama, games, team building exercises and we can adapt to any themes our clients/collaborators wish. Part of process can involve relationship exercises on how to use these tools to breaking down barriers surrounding the stigma of mental health and helping the individual with their own personal issues or anything they wish. Some examples of themes we have covered is bullying, anxiety, depression, relationships, empathy, etc.


Other options can include creating a short scene/film about an issue that is important to them. At the end of the workshop the participants can keep their puppets and copies of films they have worked on. The final product is finished puppets and a finished film, created by the participants.


We are also adaptable and can cater to the needs of our clients such as age group, abilities and health and safety. The format of the workshops can be flexible as one off's, lunch time clubs/after school session, half days, and an Interdisciplinary Lesson Plan for sessions as a six week block are available as an option or as many sessions as preferred. We can also offer our services to additional support needs groups within the school. We are community based and mostly work with support groups, health care workers and organizations, charities, schools, community centers. But we are happy to work with anyone and everyone who wants to be creative and likes puppets.

*Due to the Covid-19 situation we have been providing remote workshop's over zoom and are happy to collaborate.

One to One Sessions

We can offer one to one workshop/session as we understand that some clients may prefer more private process or challenges such as anxiety around large group settings. Were happy to take this into consideration when being contacted about workshops and will allow clients to inform us before hand. 

We also can cater to help clients work through issues and these can be worked together indepth through a format of usually six sessions or less if preferred. In these sessions the client is taken through various steps with support and creative practices to help them work through emotional and mental health challenges they may be experiencing. This process can involve making a puppet that then can be used as a tool to help them with communication and expression especially with emotions, exercises, and role playing. This can involve techniques working on anxiety, self esteem, confidence, behavior, relationships, mindfulness, etc. The parent/care giver can also be present if wished and be involved in the process and recovery. These sessions can also take place in their school, home, or an environment that is comfortable.

We offer a service and a product for people with social and emotional challenges a way to express their needs and feelings in a creative and fun way that helps reduce stigma and can help them integrate better into their communities by giving them a voice.

Sensory Storytelling

Another interactive service we provide is sensory storytelling were myself and Little Debz can provide an educational, sensory, and fun experience. The format of this usually involves a theme/seasonal story were Little Debz and I read a story to a group and have sensory objects related to the story. The listeners than can touch, smell, see, and listen to various objects, effects, and sometimes other puppets appear as part of the story. This then can follow with an activity/game/workshop that relates to the session. Such as a treasure hunt and then crafting session for the participants to take something home with them.


We can also cater to making puppets on request this may be for an event your planning, a gift, or even just a treat for yourself. We usually make human looking Puppets but can also cater to unique characters and also animals if required. Prices of our commissions can also vary based on the detail and complexity of the Puppet. We may need up to 2-3 weeks to be able to fulfill the commission request.


Me and Little Debz have been invited over the years to do a series of talks based on our own journey together. This can involve talking about setting up your own business, our mental health and mental health recovery, education, creativity, and the human condition. We just really love connecting and engaging with others and hoping by sharing our own experiences can help and spread awareness. We feel it's important to share and also hear your stories to as were all important and deserve to be listened and listened to. We believe that everyone should have access to education and the tools for support and creativity. 


We also can provide gift vouchers if you would like to give someone a ticket for one of our puppet building workshops, maybe to bring along a friend or as part of a special commissions.

Why are we doing this and what benefits the customer?

The novelty of the service and products offered, the business is the only provider of it's kind at this time. The unique approach comes from personal experience of mental health and understanding how important it is to have voice and have a platform to be listened to. Using puppets to communicate sometimes serious subject matter makes it more light hearted and visually appealing to an audience/public. Part of this process is doing talks and performances with my own puppet to engage, educate and demonstrate the service.


Mental health and education surrounding it is important but not always easy to teach or communicate. This is caused by such factors as stigma and issues with how it’s portrayed in the media and lack of support. But we have found it is easier and fun with puppets to engage with anyone and also educate by letting those affected have their say.

Were also happy to have discussions/meetings prior to any of our services and so we can cater to your needs.


Thank you for your time and interest in ‘How It Felt’ hopefully we can make some fuzzy friends together soon!

If you'd like to use our services or have any questions please get in touch.


Tel: 07913 919299

Were currently based in Dundee in Scotland.

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